Intro to Buddhism, Zen & ...

Zen Buddhism Introduction Detroit

Intro to Buddhism, Zen & Meditation

This class is designed to teach the basics of Buddhism history and core concepts, leading into the Prajna Works time period and the development of Zen. The class will also cover basic techniques to set up a home meditation practice. This is a good class for anyone who would like to know more about Buddhism, refresh or learn meditation techniques and have an opportunity to ask questions along the way.

This class covers:

  • The beginning of Buddhism
  • Who was the Buddha, how did he live?
  • What are the core concepts behind his teachings
  • The migrations and spread of Buddhism after he died
  • The development of the Mahayana school and the development of Zen Schools
  • Basic meditation postures and best practices (including seated and walking meditation)
  • What to do with mind (techniques for practice)
  • How to start a daily home practice
  • Questions and answers on any of the above throughout

We book this class about every 60 days, check our special events section to see when the next one is scheduled and to be able to reserve your spot.