Dharma Gate PathFoundry

PathFoundry Launch Seminar March 13th

Join us for the launch seminar for the DGZ PathFoundry program. We have limited space for the initial group (15). This is available to current supporting members, with an additional $10 per month donation to cover technology expenses. Participants will need to have a smart phone with either iOS (Apple) or a phone running Android to take part. This seminar will be through Zoom on March 13th, from 1:00-2:30 pm. We will send the Zoom link a few days prior to the seminar. Please RSVP below.

Created for Balance

PathFoundry draws on the daily tracking of our lives and practice, into a single approachable system. It is a natural blend that combines a dedication for finding balance and peace in oneself, with the concrete, pragmatic, and relevant tools that you can actually apply to your life.

Although there are a variety of life coaches, self-help books, programs, podcasts, and online resources that are available on the market, without an appreciation of the whole YOU, it is very difficult to achieve anything beyond quick fixes or only a singular focus on individual aspects of your life. PathFoundry uses a Holistic Life approach by first understanding our stumbling blocks and barriers (both real and perceived) and our core values and aspirations. Then we begin collecting data on a daily basis and participating in ongoing, one-on-one interactions in order to achieve not only one’s goals but a greater sense of well-being.

If you have been struggling to find more time to make positive changes in your life, have been going through a difficult transition, or you feel like you are standing at a crossroads without a compass, the PathFoundry program can help guide you to a resolution for today and provide a lantern for your future path.

This program is available for supporting members of Dharma Gate Zen and will require and additional donation amount each month to cover technology costs. Contact Hoden Sunim for more information.

The Holistic Life System

The PathFoundry program was designed to work one-on-one with you to establish a personalized path towards making meaningful changes in your life. First, we define a holistic view that focuses on the various aspects that affect your day-to-day. The Holistic Life System (HLS) was designed to help you manage your life as whole, versus simply focusing on one single element. As you embark on this journey, you will quickly realize that we are a combination of everything we do each day, and each of these elements overlap and affect the whole. When we combine all aspects into a balanced view, we are able to better manage our path forward.


  • "PathFoundry has made an indelible impact on how I view the world and myself. It has given me a greater sense of direction and purpose and led me to not only become more connected with myself but with my loved ones as well. Following the guidelines Hoden Sunim provided in addition to the one-on-ones has allowed me to thrive in unexpected and exciting ways!" - George
  • “Hoden Sensei is easily one of the best teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He communicates well and teaches with compassion and lives what he teaches, setting a good example for us to follow. These qualities have earned Sensei a school of devoted students who sometimes travel long distances to train under him.” - Cindy
  • "Hoden is a great leader and overall the best mentor I’ve had thus far in my career.” - Claudia
  • "At a time when my professional life was at a standstill, Hoden Sunim helped me to define my goals and re-frame my career path using common sense strategies that didn't feel overwhelming or unrealistic. The easy daily tracking system keeps me on the path to my goal  while reminding me to find balance and enjoyment in all aspects of my life.With Hoden's mentoring and counseling background, I have been supported throughout the process with professionalism and kindness." - Margie

Start Now

If you are interested in starting the PathFoundry program, please contact Hoden Sunim at hoden108@gmail.com. We have launch seminars at different points through the year. This program is available to supporting members of Dharma Gate Zen and requires an additional donation amount each month to cover technology costs. Contact Sunim for more information.