Covid-19 Reopening Plan

REVISED February 13th, 2021

All members that enter our Zendo must wear masks correctly (covering nose and mouth). Beverages during visits will no longer be allowed. Your temperature will be checked at the door before entering, and we will make sure that you have signed up. No walk-ins will be allowed at this time.

We have reduced our in-person attendance on Sunday to 25 people. Zoom services will continue through this time for Sunday service, link will be provided through our newsletter each week.

Our regular meditation sessions during the week will continue in person, with greater distance between matts and chairs. RSVP is NOT required for meditation sessions, however, we ask that you provide info for contact tracing.

We will continue our diligent cleaning procedures after any services or classes.

Revised DGZ Covid Balance Plan:

Sunday Service:

  • Limited attendance to 25 people in person, RSVP IS REQUIRED.
  • No lingering or chatting after, attendees should leave directly after service.
  • Staged shoe room occupancy.
  • Staged check in.
  • Zoom services will be available as it has been.

  • Saturday Nature walks:

  • Will continue. Masks and distance required.

  • Meditation during the week:

  • We will continue in person.
  • No RSVP required and we will gather information and check temperature at door.
  • We will add more space between mats and chairs.

  • Iaido:

  • Our two classes are ongoing Sunday and Thursday.

  • Recovery Dharma:

  • Will continue as is.
  • We will add more space between mats and chairs.
  • We will gather information and check temperature at door.
  • No lingering or chatting after, please move outside to talk after meetings.
  • Wednesday meetings will be through Zoom.

  • Our role in keeping people healthy:

    • Common surfaces and seating will be sanitized before and after a session.
    • Only one restroom will be available, it will be sanitized before and after a session.
    • All persons in the center must wear appropriate masks that cover the nose and mouth. Replacement masks will be available if the need arises.
    • A spray of hand sanitizer will be offered to all persons entering the center
    • The student in charge of the session will monitor that only signed-up persons enter the center.
    • Seating will be pre-arranged with safe distancing
    • The center will open 15 minutes before the start of meditation to allow entry and seating while maintaining proper social distancing.
    • Tea and water will not be available during this time.
    • We are accepting donations of supplies. Supplies must be un-opened and match posted requests.
    • Maximum airflow will be maintained in the center based on current weather conditions.
    • In the unfortunate event of a person who has visited the center testing positive for COVID-19, the SignUp Genius record or in person forms will be used to notify impacted people.

    Your role in keeping people healthy:

    • Do not come to the center if you are ill or have any symptoms (fever, shortness of breath, cough).
    • If you would like to join the Sunday Service through Zoom, please sign up for our weekly newsletter to receive the link each week.
    • Please arrive early to allow for seating while following social distancing. There will be no late entry to meditations.
    • Do not bring any un-necessary items into the center.
    • Maintain social distancing while in the center. Pay careful attention when storing and retrieving shoes and coats.
    • Maintain social distancing while waiting to enter the center.
    • If you use the center’s restroom, sanitize your hands before entering and wash your hands when you leave.