Sangha Gatherings

We have many opportunities available to meet with other members of the sangha on a weekly basis. From walking, crafting, special events and opportunities, getting together with other people on this path can provide a much needed break from your regular chores and work. Join us for any of the gatherings below! All are welcome.

Zen DA Group

This is a sangha support group for those who live with depression and anxiety. We will gather as a group to share and discuss our challenges and ways to help manage and overcome these challenges in our daily lives through zen practices in a positive and engaging way.  Our group starts with a series of...

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Dharma Discussion Group

Join us for a casual group conversation with other sangha members about bringing the dharma into our daily lives, including the challenges we encounter and the successes we find. This is a peer lead group, and the topics changes each meeting, so please join us at any time.  The meeting takes place eve...

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Knitting Group

Join us for a fun evening of mindful knitting. Yes, even knitting can be a form of meditation. If you don’t know how to knit, no worries! Come on out and join the fun and someone will do their best to teach you the basics It doesn’t matter how well you knit, just that you ar...

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Nature Walks

Every Saturday we gather at the front doors to the Stage Nature Center in Troy to walk through the nature trails. Join us for this casual gathering, a time to get to know other sangha members as we talk and take in the surrounding trees and natural wildlife. The path is a 1.3 mile loop that will take you t...

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