Sunday Service – Saginaw...

Sunday Service – Saginaw

Our Sunday morning service is our main gathering each week when the sangha gathers to sit together, hear guidance, ask questions and share in the community of followers. This service is open to anyone, all are welcome.

Below is an example of our typical Sunday Service:

10:00 We join together to chant the three treasures aloud in the traditional Pali, as well as listen to the chanting of the Heart Sutra.

10:10 Silent meditation

10:30 we will typically have some form of guided meditation (compassion, qigong, gratitude, or other).

10:45 The sangha listens to a short dharma talk from our guiding Dharma Teacher, or a guest speaker.

11:00 Questions and answers and further discussion as we gather for tea and conversation before heading back out into the world