If you are planning to visit Dharma Gate Zen as part of a college or high school class requirement, you are welcome to visit us! Below are a few general things you should know before planning your visit:

  • The best time for you to visit is during our Sunday service. The service starts at 10:00am, and you should plan to arrive by 9:50 to be able to get settled into a seat. 
  • Our service runs from 10:00 am to just after 11:00 am, although it can run longer depending on our Q&A period. 
  • The service starts with traditional chanting for about 10 minutes, we then have 20 minutes of silent meditation. There may be additional guided meditation after (sometimes not) and a dharma talk. We typically will also have a short question and answer period. The sangha also gathers in the Zendo after to have tea and chat. 
  • We sit on meditation cushions and mats on the floor. We have these available for your use. Chairs are available, but they are limited. 
  • Please dress casually and comfortably. Since we are sitting on mats and cushions, any clothing that would allow you to be comfortable in that setting would be fine. Please avoid using strong perfume or cologne as it can be distracting to those sitting around you. 
  • Please remove your shoes when you enter and place them on the racks in the shoe room before stepping on the Zendo floor. 
  • Please silence or  shut off cell phones prior to the service starting. 
  • If you have additional questions, please approach the Guiding Teacher or Dharma Teachers after service (or ask any of the students dressed in grey).

If you have any questions prior to your visit, please email Hoden Sunim at hoden108@gmail.com. 

If you are a professor and would like to schedule a time for your class to visit, please reach out and schedule a time.