Sangha Membership

All are welcome at Dharma Gate Zen Center. Membership is available to all who are interested in a place to learn about the Dharma, find balance and peace of mind.

General membership

Individual Membership: $40 per month ($10 per week)

Family of four (or more): $120 per month ($30 per week)

Membership includes participation in all of the following:

  • Sunday services
  • Weekday meditations
  • Buddhist holiday services
  • Opportunity to take precepts
  • Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation classes
  • Sangha-led discussion groups
  • Meditative Creative meetings
  • Homonji Iaido classes (see below)
  • Friday evening mini-retreats

  • Throughout the year, there will be additional events when supporting members may be asked to contribute. The requested donation will be either: a.) to help cover the additional cost incurred by facilitating a special event, or b.) to support an event that is specifically designated as a fund-raiser.

    Visitors may attend two Sunday services or weekday meditation classes at the Zen Center as a non-member of our Sangha. We ask for donations upon attendance, $5-$10 per visit for Sunday services and weekday meditations.

    Homonji Iaido

    (Japanese Sword Arts) classes are offered three times per week as a way to gain focus, mindfulness and balance. New visitors are welcome to attend before becoming a supporting member. A DGZ supporting membership is required to take regular ongoing classes and additional donation cost, and equipment costs may apply.

    Sangha Membership Sign-up:

    Automatic Monthly Donation Set-up

    Use the link below to set up monthly donations, or a one time donation. 


    • Follow the link below
    • Click on the "Monthly" or "One Time Donation" tab. Monthly donations will process automatically each month.
    • Fill out the information. 
    • On the check-out screen there is an option to donation to Zeffy (the service we use). They are a non-profit as well, and you can choose a custom amount to donate, or zero. We suggest donating at least $1 each month to help pay for the service. 
    • Fill in credit card info and click the donate button.
    • You should receive an email confirming your donation. 

    Donate by Check or Cash at DGZ

    Use the button below, fill out the information on the form and use the envelopes at the dana bowl to make your donation each month.


    • Follow the link below
    • Fill out the information. 
    • Click the donate button.
    • You should receive an email confirming your donation.