Special Events

New Years Service

We will be holding a New Year Service on Sunday January 1st at our regularly scheduled time. 

Daruma Dedications: Daruma are a traditional New Year good luck charm, but are also used to make resolutions! Daruma are the representation of Bodhidharma, and have blank eyes to start. We will use these to set a goal for the year, and paint in one eye during the service. Over the year, if you accomplish that goal, you fill in the second eye. It is a fun way to bring a little tradition into your home and a reminder through the year of your goal setting. We have already received the Daruma at DGZ and will have them available for a $20 donation so you can take part in our celebration that day. If you are interested in getting your own Daruma to have through the year, follow the link below. We will hold them until New Years day so we can all do them together. 

Traditional New Year Brunch: We will also have a special brunch after service for our Sangha, including a variety of traditional New Year foods. Menu will be announced through December, but will include a light brunch to try some some traditional foods!

New Year Special Service: The first visit to a temple each year is called Hatsumode, and is a tradition in Japan and many Buddhist cultures. It represents the first visit for the New Year, establishing your connection to the Way of the Buddhist path, your Zen Center, Sangha, and the Clergy staff. We will have a special service that day and a New Year Dharma talk. Please plan to join us for this event!

Sunday, January 1st 10:00 am

Click here to RSVP & donate $20 towards a Daruma for the service:

Special Event Descriptions

Buddha's Birthday (Vesak)

Join us for one of our biggest holidays of the year. We will celebrate the birth, life and passing of the man we refer to as The Buddha. During this special service we typically hold a precept ceremony, baby blessings as we accept both young and old formally into our sangha.


One of the three holidays we celebrate at DGZ each year, Obon is a time of reflection of what has passed each year...and a renewal for that which is to come. Join us for this special service during our regular service. We will also be gathering for a potluck lunch together after the service is complete.

Obon Dinner

We hold a special dinner each year to join together with our sangha members prior to our Obon celebration. This will be a casual style dinner, with special dishes curated by Rev Kogen, Chef and noted Restauranteur. The dinner will consist of a number of traditional foods, reimagined... We will announce the dates, donation amount and menu as we get close to the event date. 

Awakening Sitting

Every year we gather to sit as the Buddha did during the night of his awakening. Our service will have additional readings, teachings and an opportunity to challenge your practice. All are welcome to help celebrate this important day. We will have a special service for one hour and an additional hour of meditation after the service.


Taking the five basic precepts is a way to show your commitment to the path of the Buddha. We typically start the process in January each year providing an our members to apply to be part of the Dharma family that year. Home practice is required, leading up to our Buddha's Birthday event when preceptor will take part in the ceremony and accept the three refuges and the five precepts. Dharma families will receive a unique Dharma name each year.

Monk n' Munch

On occasion we gather after service as a Sangha outside of our Center to meet with Hoden Sunim and ask questions about Zen, Buddhism, practice and more, over tea, coffee and lunch. See the schedule at the top of the page to see when the next date and location has been set.

Fund Raising Events