Special Events

Currently Scheduled Special Events

Buddha's Birthday Service (Vesak)

Join us for our yearly service celebrating the birth, life and teachings of the historical Buddha. We also will have our precept ceremony during the service on this day. Light snacks and tea will be served as well.

Sunday, April 7th 10:00 - 11:30 am.

Special Event Descriptions

Buddha's Birthday (Vesak)

Join us for one of our biggest holidays of the year. We will celebrate the birth, life and passing of the man we refer to as The Buddha. During this special service we typically hold a precept ceremony, baby blessings as we accept both young and old formally into our sangha.


One of the three holidays we celebrate at DGZ each year, Obon is a time of reflection of what has passed each year...and a renewal for that which is to come. Join us for this special service during our regular service.

Obon Dinner

We hold a special dinner each year to join together with our sangha members prior to our Obon celebration. This will be a casual style dinner, with special dishes curated by Rev Kogen, Chef and noted Restauranteur. The dinner will consist of a number of traditional foods, reimagined... We will announce the dates, donation amount and menu as we get close to the event date. 

Awakening Sitting

Join us for our yearly Awakening Sitting, where we will have a special service from 7:00-8:00pm in contemplation of the Awakening of the Buddha. We will follow after with two hours (four sittings) to provide opportunity for our sangha to extend practice. Members can attend all or part of the service and sittings after, and can leave during the breaks. Check calendar for dates.

New Year Service

The Sunday of the year we hold a special service to celebrate the start of the year. During this special service, we dedicate Daruma for our goals for the year. Check the calendar for dates - and how to purchase a Daruma to take part in the event. Typically we also service a New Year lunch with special dishes that represent the start of a new year!