The Six Paramitas

The paramitas, or perfections, are teachings – guidance for one on the path to awaken. Awakening is achieved through compassion, and through these practices of compassion, we can develop a better way to live. These, like the eightfold path are not designed to be a “step-by-step” course – they are all developed in conjunction.

Learning how to apply these into your life can help to become more aware of how our small, regular actions are driven by our arising intent. 

The Six Paramitas:

Dana Paramita:

  Generosity, giving of oneself, giving time and support where needed, when needed, with no thought of return.

Sila Paramita:

  Virtuous, moral behaviour. Doing what is right, at the right time. Keeping disciplined and on the right path.

Ksanti Paramita:

  Patience, tolerance for people, situations and experiences outside our comfort. Acceptance and forbearance.

Virya Paramita:

  Energy, strength and diligence to stay on the path, even when it becomes difficult and uncomfortable.

Dhyana Paramita:

  Concentration and self reflection. Contemplation on things outside our immediate understanding.

Prajna Paramita:

  Wisdom, understanding, letting go of logic and embracing the void.